The Family-Run Home of Beauty Over 50

Prime Prometics: We could say we create make-up & skincare for mature women.

But stopping there would be criminal.

Because Prime Prometics is more

We are a close knit, tightly bonded group of rebels who’ve stumbled upon a secret.

Lean in close – so we can share it with you.

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The anti-aging products you buy at exorbitant prices do a double whammy of damage.

1) They do not contain ingredients suited to your sensitive skin and hair.

2) They weave the toxic narrative of hiding who you are, in favor of chasing youth.

We’ve had enough. Our campaign is for our moms and grandmoms – to us this is personal.

You see there is a way to cherish your grace – while giving you the confidence to feel sorted, polished, admired – all without trying too hard.

The answer lies in infusing meticulously researched cosmetics with bioactive nutrients.

These compounds not only enhance the effect of mascaras, lipsticks, brow tints, and everything Prime Prometics manufactures, they also program your cells to undo the damage done by the decades.

We close the loop on this pro-age revolution by being with you every step of the way.

Sharing 50-friendly technique guides assembled by professional make-up artists, bringing you words of wisdom from silver sisters who’ve defied society’s expectations, and creating exciting products lauded and covered by platforms like Vogue.

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Beauty Is Skin Deep. Beautiful Is a Way of Life. Prime’s Origin Story.

Hey there! Thank you for reading these words about the company that’s become the soul and passion of our 25-member team.

Prime Prometics: Our promise to empower you with cosmetics and knowledge for a pro-age life.

Why the mission to help women over 50?

Granted it’s a lovely niche… but the compulsion I felt for this business goes way beyond a strategic choice.

In fact, I did not start out wanting to serve silver queens (gasp!).

My focus was recovering chemo warriors.

Imagine this.

I am 10. I am in my oncologist dad’s chamber. We are about to go out for a cone of pistachio ice cream. When I see my mother’s best friend (the woman I’d greeted as “Aunt Cheryl” up until that moment) run out of the examination room - screaming and crying.

Hair mussed, mascara smudged. She was devastated.

Cheryl kept repeating the words -- “Oh my God… I’ll no longer be a woman.”

Noting my distress, my father decided to talk about the repercussions of chemotherapy. He explained that most women with cervical or breast cancer not only say goodbye to anatomical features that enhance femininity -- they also lose their hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Often for life.

The make-up they are forced to hide behind kills weakened hair follicles’ ability to regrow. The chemicals wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Chemotherapy can spell doom for a woman’s looks. And in the process, strip away her identity.

That day I realized beauty may be skin deep. But feeling beautiful is a fundamental aspect of our self confidence. And these women warriors DEFINITELY deserve better.

My crusade to create hypoallergenic, healing make-up grew in scope - from cancer survivors to queens over 50.

Anti-aging is nothing less than a cancerous growth stifling the potential of mature women.

Prime Prometics is here because we can make a difference.

– Kaspars Eglitis, Founder | Prime Prometics

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After going through chemo due to breast cancer, I lost all my eyelashes. After seeing an ad, I ordered the serum and mascara. It has worked wonders! After a couple months of use, my eyelashes are almost back to normal. Would definitely recommend, especially for regrowth due to chemo!

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Admittedly, I was skeptical but no more! Honestly, my whole life, I never realized how sparse my lashes truly were! But now, thanks to PrimeLash Growth Serum, I can bat my eyes & flutter my lashes with the best of them!

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I have tried other products that are supposed to make your eyebrows grow but didn't work. PrimeBrow Complete came in a set that I ordered so I tried it but didn't expect it to work. I was surprised to see that my eyebrows are slowly growing back. Very happy with this product.

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PrimeBrow Complete actually made my brows grow. I ordered my 3rd one because I want to continue to see if the tail will grow. It's an amazing product, I really didn't think it would work but it does & I haven't had brows in years. Thank you for this amazing product!

Cosmetics with Heart™

Each product is crafted with love. And every purchase you make helps mature women thrive.

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5 Reasons Why You Can Trust Our Products.

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Made With 1200 Mature Women

We don’t want to brag – okay maybe a little – but each product we’ve launched till date has been crafted with the advice of 10,000+ mature women in our database, and perfected with our focus group of 1200 Prime ambassadors. The result? We craft solutions to your pressing beauty woes. And we present them in a form that you can use, without stress or learning new skills.

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Infused with Bioactive Nutrients

It is possible to use bioactive nutrients extracted from herbs and plants to “instruct” your genes to behave a certain way. This can mean commanding sick cells to begin the process of healing. Or programming older cells to prolong the rate at which they deteriorate. What you see is better skin, more lashes, great brows -- with every swipe of Prime Prometics products

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Family-Run, Not Mass Produced

We don’t have 1000s of different products. Our product range is solution focused. This means we take a lot of time to see how each individual unit we ship performs against specific quality checks. For example, the magic wand of PrimeLash Mascara should weigh no more than 2 grams. If this number is off it destabilizes the wand, making your mascara more prone to errant stamps and smudges.

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Good for You

Hypoallergenic. No hidden talc or palm oil. No sneaky carcinogenic minerals. Natural ingredients distilled with love at professionally maintained labs. pH balanced.

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Good for Others

We are cruelty free. But that is table stakes. We wanted to do more. Prime Prometics donates to support cancer research. We’ve given to chemo warriors. And we’ve given to fight misinformation.

You Asked... We've Answered.

We are a modern, global brand with our roots in quality and excellence for women over 50. All Prime products are designed in the US and assembled with parts and ingredients sourced from China.

Our supply chain is diversified for two reasons:

  • We want to use premium herbs since bioactive nutrients are the backbone of our beauty solutions.
  • In the post pandemic era, redundancy is king. If we run out of materials at a particular location, we can continue production with other vetted suppliers.

Absolutely. We ship worldwide, at affordable rates.

Great question. The presence of pigments like melanin can often have an impact on how bioactive nutrients express themselves in the body. But we’ve studied the effect of our product range on silver queens of all ages and ethnicities.

We vouch for the effectiveness.

Please be aware that original Prime products are only available at and also on our Amazon store and on Walmart Online marketplace.

Don’t shop Prime on third party platforms not listed here since we can’t speak for how the items were acquired, how they were stored, and who used them.