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PrimeBrow Complete

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“This has replaced my brow pomade, my spoolie and my serum. So convenient”

- Jane, 71

You’ll never look for another eyebrow product again.

Meet the multi-tasking PrimeBrow Complete.

Prominent brows, instantly. Natural brow growth, with use.

ACTION 1: Lightweight non-sticky PrimeBrow Mousse™ tames stray hairs.

ACTION 2: Coffee pigments in the mousse lend rich but subtle color to faded brows.

ACTION 3: PrimeBrow Growth Serum’s™ bioactive nutrients reverse age induced brow damage. 10x natural brow growth.

Buy one and you’re done!

100% no-risk money back guarantee

  • Cosmetics with a Cause
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One Magic Wand For All Your Brow Worries.

5 Minutes for Brow Perfection.

ACTION 1: Stray Brows to “Just Waxed”

ACTION 2: Natural Pigments for Brow Enhancement

ACTION 3: Proven Brow Serum = 10x Natural Growth

Beet & Butter Make it Better:

Shea Butter Ideal Vitamin E rich base
Beet Long lasting natural tint
Coffee Pigments Deep, rich, woodsy color
Olive Oil Essential Fatty Acids for brow nourishment
Avocado Oil Heals waxing and threading damage
Herb Extracts Bioactive nutrients reverse age induced brow thinning

Frustrated That Nothing Looks Right?

Result? Prominent brows, instantly.
Natural brow growth, with use.

Hate Using a Dozen Products?

Tired of Bald Spots & Thinning Brows?

10x natural hair growth in 4 weeks. Just like your 20s!
Clean Beauty
Cruelty Free
Certified Organic
100% Money Back Guarantee

Pick Your Favorite Shade.

Watch Your Brows Thrive.

Frequently asked questions

It’s a healing, pro-age multitasking product from Prime Causemetics. It is built with two unique components that provide effective three way action.

The first component is the PrimeBrow Mousse™. It’s a lightweight, naturally pigmented mousse that’s applied to mature brows with the slip-proof comb. The brush aligns stray brow hairs and the shea butter in the formulation holds them in place.

Coffee and beet extracts lend deep, long-lasting color and unparalleled brow prominence.

The second component is your beloved PrimeBrow Growth Serum™.

Thousands of silver queens have seen it work, firsthand.

10x natural brow growth, even post chemo.

It’s up to you!

If you are extra particular about your beauty regime, you may do that. However the mousse isn’t just make-up. Crafted with love and keeping clean beauty principles in mind, the shea butter rich formulation only adds to the hydration that PrimeBrow Growth Serum™ offers.

The answer is no.

You don’t need anything else with this nifty product. The PrimeBrow Mousse™ applicator is shaped to act like a comb. It removes tangles and straightens bent brow hair. It separates and brushes while depositing the tinting pigment, in clean non-fussy strokes.

Why complicate when simple works?

We’ve done our diligence before launching this amazing product. Both shades are suited to silver queens of all races and ethnicities.

If your natural brows are more in the spectrum of blonde to light brown, go for Taupe. If your natural brows are darker, pick Dark Brown.

Cosmetics with a Cause

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

For every product you purchase, we donate to help a woman thrive.

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