Pro-Age Eye & Brows Makeup Set

Pro-Age Eye & Brows Makeup Set

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“My lashes grew so much… I had to trim them”

- Terry, Australia

“The outside of my brows have completely grown back.”

- Suzanne, USA

We call it our most-sold bundle till date.

Mature women call it a revolution in looking good.

With PrimeLash Mascara in black and brown, PrimeLash Serum, and PrimeBrow Serum - we’re giving you 20x lash lengthening in two coats. Plus natural lash and brow growth unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Save 10% on the price of the individual products.

100% no-risk money back guarantee

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For every purchase you make, we donate to women in need. Learn more

This Bundle Will Be Your Best Makeover, Ever.

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PrimeLash Mascara, Black

10,000+ 5* reviews. Lash growth for chemo patients. 20x lash lengthening in just 2 coats. Dramatic, no-clumps sexy avatar for parties and nights out.

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PrimeLash Mascara, Brown

The lash growth and thickening of PrimeLash Mascara, in rich woodsy brown. Dark enough to turn heads. Subtle enough to keep them guessing.

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PrimeLash Growth Serum

10x natural lash growth. In one swipe a night. No chemical formula. Non-messy. Wake up with lashes that beat your falsies.

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PrimeBrow Complete

You’ll never look for another eyebrow product again. Meet the multi-tasking PrimeBrow Complete. Prominent brows, instantly. Natural brow growth, with use.

Free your natural beauty from ageing damage. Without surgery or chemicals.

The perfect eye make-up for mature women

PH Balanced, Hypoallergenic. Good For You. Good For The Planet.

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Your Beauty is Our Duty.

(If You're Not Satisfied, We’ll Refund You.)

You deserve to try PrimeLash with no strings attached.

And we have full confidence in the technology we’ve used to create the formula.

PrimePrometics puts you in the limelight. Our mission is to help you enhance your natural beauty, at any age.

So if you’re not satisfied with PrimeLash, just let us know at We will refund you your money, no questions asked.

Even if that bottle’s empty. :)

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How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

For every product you purchase, we donate to help a woman thrive.

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Fight Cancer

Equipping charities that help breast cancer survivors live with dignity.

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Expanding our drive to support women on the medical frontline.

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Investing in bodies that print accurate information to educate mature women.

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