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Pro-Age Make-Up That Heals Instead of Hiding.

Look Stunning At Any Age. Live In The Prime Of Your Life.
All-Natural, PH Balanced Products.

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Do You Know Anti-Aging is a 200 Billion USD Market?

Time To Change That.

Why chase being young when you can be gorgeous and yourself?

Mature women are targeted with cosmetics that shame them for their age and the natural process of aging. We are calling out this injustice!

Prime Prometics products solve your skin and hair problems. It’s not about an obsession with youth. It’s about being healthy.

Well-researched, all-natural, pro-age make-up that gives you back the confidence to shine.

Why compromise when you can glow and grow?

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Cruelty-Free & All-Natural

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30-Nights Money Back Guarantee

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Make-up That Heals

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Free Shipping on Orders over $50

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Fiercely Pro-Age

We don’t shame wrinkles, grey hair and thinning lashes. We encourage women to heal what’s broken with age so they can look their best. At 60, 70, 80, or beyond.

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Focused On Science

Our team of researchers use the latest skin & hair rejuvenation breakthroughs to turn premium ingredients into healing products.

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Solution Specific

Our products target one specific problem and solve it from the ground up. We pair our formulations with unique applicators (wands) for maximum impact.

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Empowering You

We don’t stop at great make-up. We offer information that guides mature women to live their best lives and give donations that bring dignity to cancer survivors.

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What Our

Customers Say

I am 71 and had all but given up wearing mascara because anything I tried would smudge(racoon eyes) or flake. I was hesitant to try Prime because of the price. But I thought I'd give it a chance. Boy am I glad I did. I feel like my younger self, with more confidence and I actually feel attractive. Thank you for formulating this wonderful mascara. my lashes thank you as well.


I like PrimeLash Mascara a lot! It provides good definition without being clumpy. Prior to using PrimeLash, I used a department store brand and a separate primer. With PrimeLash Mascara, I I get better results and can skip the primer. I will be ordering PrimeLash again!


It was great !! I haven’t had long eyelashes in a long time. I just received my mascara and have used it a couple times. So far..... so good!♥️


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How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

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Fight Cancer

Equipping charities that help breast cancer survivors live with dignity.

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Salute Women On Frontlines

Expanding our drive to support women on the medical frontline.

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Stop Misinformation

Investing in bodies that print accurate information to educate mature women.

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Commission Research

Choosing the best talent in R&D to design cosmetics that use science to heal.

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For all general inquiries, please contact us at

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