PrimeWand Nude: Flirty Pink For Big Girls

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You wanted variety. 

You wanted shades for the fairest and the warmest of complexions. 

Here it is! 

PrimeWand Nude brings the multi-tasking miracle of PrimeWand Pigment - in a beguiling, gentle rosy hue. Use it as lipstick, blush, tint, highlighter, and moisturizer. 

Infused with rosehip oil, bioactive nutrients and organic rose petal pigments, it is a modern, sophisticated, pink make-up fantasy for women over 50.

100% no-risk money back guarantee

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Spoilt For Choice!

Women over 50 rarely have the freedom to pick perfect, skin-friendly make-up in shades that look like a million bucks. 

Not fair. 

With PrimeWand Nude, you now have a more beginner-friendly hue in your all-in-one kitty.  

Blessed with fun, flirty, rosy pink, this is your daytime, summer-sun lipstick, blush, tint and glow combo. 

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From the Fairest to the Most Olive…This Is It.

Pink isn’t “girly”! Pink is powerful. It is the most neutral & alluring shade created by Mother Nature.  

We’ve stolen pink from the heart of tender rose petals for your gorgeous face. 

Elevates, brightens, and enhances the fairest of complexions. Goes with silver hair, beloved of redheads, and about the only make-up that gives olive toned mature beauties a healthy pop of color.

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More Glow… More Healing.

We’ve jazzed up the PrimeWand Pigment formula. 

With rosehip oil and rose petal pigments, PrimeWand Nude not only sits light on the skin - like a silken veil, it also brings more subdued sheen, more intense hydration and (even) more healing. 

Be dew drenched and blooming - just like a rose.

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“I feel like I’m in fairyland with PrimeWand Nude. The pigment is gentle and beautiful. The formula goes on like silk. I suffer from eczema. It gives me a lit from within, alive feel. Thank you for adding some sweetness and magic to my life.”

- Cynthia, 66

“This is my daywear must-have! Looks fantastic in natural light. Many have complimented my radiance. I’ve been on a health kick of late. This healing product is light, fresh, gorgeous. Fits my mood so well.”

- Ashley, 57

Nude - Alone… Or With Others!

Step1:Start off with gliding strokes of PrimeWand Nourish. Tightens pores. Adds buttery oomph to parched skin.

Step2:Use PrimeWand Nude as a gentle, glossy, silken whisper of color. Sheer & buildable. Apply on the apples of your cheeks, on your lips, and all over your face. Bye bye foundation. Blend with your fingers. Layer as needed.

Step3:Contour and define with PrimeWand Pigment. This deeper beetroot shade is the perfect foil for the lighter, flirtier pop of PrimeWand Nude.

PrimeWand Nude compliments your current make-up routine, and elevates it.

Million Dollar Ingredients

We at Prime care about your mature beauty. Our team researches ingredients and combinations all year round. With PrimeWand Nude, the goal was to design a formula that is as sheer, silken, dew drenched and clean as a bouquet of organic roses. 

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Rosehip oil

For collagen formation

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Natural rose petal pigment

Evens out complexion

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Hyaluronic Acid

Deep nourishment

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Bioactive nutrients

Heals skin damage

Your Beauty is Our Duty.

(If You're Not Satisfied, We’ll Refund You.)

You deserve to try PrimeWand Pigment with no strings attached.
And we have full confidence in the technology we’ve used to create the formula.
Prime Prometics puts you in the limelight. Our mission is to help you enhance your natural beauty, at any age.
So if you’re not satisfied with PrimeWand Pigment, just let us know at We will refund you your money, no questions asked.
Even if it’s empty. :)

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Frequently asked questions

The application is just as easy and mess free as any of the other sticks. You can dive straight in on a bare face. PrimeWand Nude is a sheer, rosy, buildable formula. It is less intense than the berry shade of PrimeWand Pigment. 

This is why we are happy to recommend our latest glow baby as an all-over balm and replacement for powdery, cakey foundation. 

Start light. Layer on your lips and cheeks. The sheen is also more pronounced. 

You can buff and blend with your fingertips. Works with brushes too.

Absolutely nothing. 

These are two individual standalone products. Sisters, not twins! :) 

PrimeWand Pigment is a deeper berry shade - the flush of happiness. Because of its duskier tint, it is excellent as a contour. 

PrimeWand Nude does everything that PrimeWand Pigment can. It is lighter, fresher, flirtier - with rosy pink undertones. A kiss of youthful color… perfected for women over 50. 

Amazing in natural light. Ideal for summertime and casual day wear. 

PrimeWand Nude stands for choice and options.

If you are worried about choosing between PrimeWand Pigment and PrimeWand Nude, let us put you at ease. Both colors work for mature women of all ages, skin tones and ethnicities. 

PrimeWand Pigment is more of a bold hint of vibrance. PrimeWand Nude is a subtle, silky rosy pink glow. 

Mix and match …. Live the fantasy.

All the skin-loving properties of PrimeWand Pigment, with the addition of rosehip oil for collagen boosting and organic rose petal pigments for smoothing out your complexion. 

We’ve also increased the concentration of Hyaluronic acid for a longer lasting more pronounced sheen. 

Feel the “dewy rosy” fantasy.

Yes. PrimeWand Pigment is clean, hypoallergenic, pH balanced. It repairs your delicate moisture barrier. And fiercely protects your skin from sun damage, toxins and free radicals.

With regular use, a single stick of PrimeWand Nude will last you up to 2 months.

Can be removed with a few light swipes of a pro-age make-up remover like PrimeSkin Beauty Water. The formulation melds with your natural oils for a long-stay finish. But doesn’t dig into your skin or clog your pores.

PrimeWand Nude is born pro-age. Our legacy and research - serving hundreds of thousands of mature women - is the backbone of this fun, sophisticated clean new product. 

There is very little that can go wrong with PrimeWand Nude. 

  • It literally glides on - thanks to the addition of rosehip oil. 
  • It doesn’t have chunky glitter. What you get is baked in sheen. 
  • It is soft yet protected by a snap lock component. 

Moreover, you can build the pigment intensity. Rose pink is a neutral color that flatters the milkiest of complexions, but adds warmth to the elusive olive skin. 

But if you aren't satisfied with your PrimeWand Nude for some reason, just return it back to us. Talk to our customer support and get the assistance you need. 

Each Prime product comes with our 30-day money back guarantee.

PrimeWand Nude is made for adventures. It is fun, flirty, clean and fresh. Fits discreetly into your purse. Multi-tasks as all your make-up staples. 

The snap lock feature ensures your creamy, smooth, silken product is safe from sudden jolts and travel bumps.

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