Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)
Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)

Ecstatic Eyes (All 3 Eyeliners)

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Add new life to your eye routine. Kohl’s soft black pigment gives an alluring shape to mature eyes. Wood is rich brown - perfect for casual outings. Reach for Sapphire to whiten and brighten your eyes.

Your eyeliner struggles are over. Subtle, blended out, crisp, winged.. You name it, you can create it. 

PrimeEyes Glide is just for silver queens. Water resistant and mess-proof, it won’t bleed. After sweaty workouts or tear jerking romantic movies. 

Looks natural. Is buildable. It’s ta-daa in a pencil. 

Lift, define, frame your wise eyes with velvety, deep color. Even if eyeliners have never been your thing!

100% no-risk money back guarantee

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Why Is This Eyeliner “The One”?

  • Water resistant. Budge-proof. Mess proof. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to condition sensitive lashes. 
  • Unique gel creme texture. Nourished with avocado oil & olive oil, it races smoothly across dry, wrinkled, or lined lids. No pulling needed. 
  • Fortified tip. Light touch. Concentrated premium pigments flow generously for deep, rich - yet natural - color. 
  • Easy, precise, buttery application. Crisp lines last the day. 
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pH Balanced.

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Ophthalmologist Tested.

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How to Apply PrimeEyes Glide?

  • Hand tremors? Define small sections of your upper lash line at a time. The pigments flow smoothly for an unbroken, glamorous, glossy finish. 
  • Let dry for 60 seconds. PrimeEyes Glide is buildable. Work up to the intensity you want. Subtle to Sensational. 
  • Use the discreet sharpener for a pointed tip. Dot your lash line… Gives an impression of lush, long lashes. 
  • Application mistake? There’s no such thing. Use the smudger to blend the pigment away. 
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Admire the Effect to Believe The Convenience.

Words can’t describe how different PrimeEyes Glide feels in your hands. 

You get anxious for a moment, hovered over your lash line -- will you see insipid, disappointing color? Or will your heart sing at the definition, the ease, the intensity? 

Watch these videos to fall in love yourself. 

Watch for Lift!

Watch for Glam!

Reviews From Verified Testers

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“I am enjoying eye make-up again. I know that if I use this eyeliner, I’ll look good. I’ll get close to the look I’m trying to do. I am not a make-up person. This one gives me the confidence of someone who knows how to use make-up… What can I say, this has stolen my heart!”

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“I do hot yoga with PrimeEyes Glide on. Since PrimeLash Mascara never bled… I thought, why not? And I am happy to say, there isn’t a smidge of pigment around my eyes. Feels cool and soft in my water line. Way to go, Prime”

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Goes above & beyond expectations. I won’t be using anything else. I want all 3 shades in my life. Thank you for inviting me to try… You guys create exceptional make-up”

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Three Mature Friendly Colors.

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Soft, kohl infused black.

Zero staining.
Bold, dramatic look.

Image 22905834766359

Deep, woodsy brown.

Discreet definition.

Ideal for day looks.

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Sapphire bellied navy.

Brightens tired eyes.

Ultra playful look.

Lifts More Than Your Eyes… This Is the Confidence Boosting Eyeliner Experience You Deserve.

Lushness of Liquid, Packaged in Pencil.

Crave the deep, smooth, velvety intensity of liquid liners but shiver at the idea of smudging and application? 

PrimeEyes Glide is the best of both worlds. Its unique gel creme texture is bursting with avocado oil and olive oil. 

It races smoothly across wrinkled, lined lids. Lays down unbroken, unbudging, crisp, vibrant color. 

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Water Resistant & Long Stay.

We’ve stabilized the gel creme formula with Tocopherol (Vitamin E). No waxy bases, no polymers. 

Water resistant by repelling moisture - thanks to its creamy, unctuous emollients. 

Won’t budge, even in your water line. Does your eyes a world of good.

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Lid & Lash Loving.

Nourishes lashes with refined Hyaluronic Acid. Tested with women over 50. And by ophthalmologists. 

Eye safe, premium pigments. 

Hypoallergenic. pH balanced. Cruelty free.

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pH balanced.

Image 22906805583895

Ophthalmologist Tested.

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Frequently asked questions

PrimeEyes Glide has a unique buttery gel crème texture. It behaves like a pencil. Is easy to hold, apply, manipulate. Budge proof. But deposits pigment like a liquid - in clean, crisp, precise lines. Generous, vibrant, silky.

PrimeEyes Glide is hypoallergenic. Safe for your lid and your lashes. pH balanced for sensitive eyes, it is meant to sit pretty in your water line. But, please be a conscious and wise consumer. Put your health first and “patch” test everything. Discontinue use if it causes irritation.

Here is the complete list of ingredients that go into PrimeEyes Glide:

Trimethylsilanoxy silicate
Synthetic wax

Yes. PrimeEyes Glide is reinforced with avocado oil, olive oil & refined Hyaluronic Acid. It in fact soothes and hydrates your lash follicles for better lash growth. Being pH balanced & hypoallergenic, it is safe for use around the eyes. Even if you have sensitive eyes due to allergies or medications.

Please handle your PrimeEyes Glide with care. The tip is fortified, and protected by the casing in which it comes. It is creamy but does not break as easily as some of the other light touch liners out there.

No, the tip isn’t retractable. Retractable eyeliners often play hide and seek with the volume of product that you get. 

There is no smoke & mirrors with PrimeEyes Glide. What you see is what you get. Sharpen the tip for long stay & long lasting precision!

93% of testers have found that the initial application of PrimeEyes Glide lasts the day. But this will vary from queen to queen - based on the intensity of the initial layer, lid oiliness, and humidity in the air. 

What we can say is this… the more you use this eyeliner, the more your lashes & lids will thrive.

PrimeEyes Glide is water resistant. It doesn’t use heavy waxes or fibers to hold on to your lid and lashes for dear life. Instead it repels moisture because of hydrating emollients like avocado oil & olive oil. 

Oil & water do not mix.

This principle makes nourishing, intense, lasting pigment pay-off possible. 

Components and ingredients are sourced from all over the world, including the US, Australia and China.

Of course. PrimeEyes Glide is a soft touch product that doesn’t irritate the eyes.. even if you wear contact lenses.

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