Two Coats & Lashes
Back Again….

Age? Neglect? Chemo? They trigger lash loss. An all-natural, pro-age product is giving mature women their lashes (and confidence) back.

It’s Tough Fighting Hormonal Imbalance, Allergies, Misinformation & Chemotherapy…

Mature women like you are up against all that, and more!

5000-Year Old Ancient Wisdom to the Rescue!

Do you know super-herbs are used to make hundreds of medicines prescribed by doctors around the world?


Modern science and cutting edge research have found that the best way forward is back.

Back to ancient wisdom and the power of plants. This is what the Prime Causemetics team discovered when it set out to create a formulation that could not only enhance lashes, but help them grow back.

  • Make-up can’t heal.
  • Nature can.

We invested thousands of dollars and over 12 months of rigorous research to beat the factors that steal your lashes…

…..And we are confident that we can bring them back to you, ON FLEEK!

Prime’s product is built to do both.

It is tough for thin lashes to hold their shape.

They tangle, giving the impression of reduced volume. And you need more mascara to coat them well. The result - mascara goop, mascara stamps, and panda eyes. We’ve beaten this problem with our application wand. It’s designed to brush and separate lashes to their full length.

It is tough to look good in the now, without long term care.

The reason why most mascaras feed the cycle of damage is because they focus on the now. It is impossible to keep looking good unless your lashes actually improve, with time. If they don’t, you’ll have to keep layering on chemical-laden products to achieve lift and elongation.

Prime’s product is built to do both.

20+ ultra hydrating, all-natural ingredients cover well separated lashes, quenching their thirst and doubling their thickness right away.

The world’s most potent superherb antioxidants work around the clock to reduce oxidative damage, protecting your delicate lashes from pollution, hormonal imbalances, stress, and harsh chemicals.

Meet PrimeLash Mascara:

The Lash Comeback Product Mature Women Rave About.

  • Over 25 000,

    units sold.

  • Over 2 000,

    5 ☆ reviews…

Mature women around the world have used this pH balanced, all-natural, hypoallergenic mascara to…

It is not about trying to look young. 
It is all about looking good.

I rarely wear mascara these days because it ends up under my eyes.

Since buying Pirmelash, my the mascara stays put until l take it off. My 69 year old dimintshing lashes have made a comeback. I grve It a Bravo!


I just received the mascara today and all I can say is you have given my eyes back to me! I always had nice long eyelashes but over the years they seemed to disappear. When looking in the mirror; I looked different and it was because I no longer had my nice eyelashes. I'm just one application they are there again. Thank you for helping me to feel more like myself. I am 78 years old and am not trying to look young just trying to look better and more like myself and your mascara has achieved that for me. Thank you so much.

PrimeLash Mascara gives you tantalizingly gorgeous, thick, dramatic
lashes in two coats. While turbocharging their growth for the long term.

Noticeable difference in two weeks.

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