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Let’s Explore the Easiest No-Makeup Look For Mature Women.

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“I feel cleaner without make-up…”

“I don’t like buying too many products…”

“Heavy foundation doesn’t do me any good…”

“I’ve spent 55 years loving myself.. Why hide now?”

“I don’t want people to think I’m trying too hard…”

So many reasons why mature women clamor for simple routines & multi-tasking products.

Very few resources out there that get the job done.

Here’s the deal. No make-up doesn’t mean you aren’t well presented.

The beauty of no-makeup looks lie in their ability to enhance your natural features and unveil a more gorgeous, authentic you.

How can that be bad?

What Do You Need For the Perfect No-Makeup Look? 3 Products & Your Fingers.

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1. Start with a non-greasy, wrinkle-filling moisturizer.

Did you know moisturizers with 3% hyaluronic acid are the gold standard for mature skin?

Hyaluronic acid is your friend.

It not only repairs the moisture barrier, keeping your skin plump and happy….

It also boosts collagen, gradually fading out texture and filling in wrinkles.

PrimeWand Nourish is the most interesting moisturizer you’ll ever use.

It is a stick. It doesn’t spill or take ages to massage in. Your skin laps up the honey meets glycerine and botanicals goodness.

3% refined Hyaluronic acid is instantly absorbed!

Enjoy a smooth, bouncy canvas for the rest of your quick routine.

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2. Say bye bye to pallor.

Nothing worse than looking and feeling flat!

With age, you lose a lot of your radiance.

Your graceful face doesn’t do well with obvious harsh colors that leave lines and patches.

This is where neutral hues in blendable, buildable multitasking formulas save the day.

Use PrimeWand Nude to add in oomph.

  • - It’s a convenient, luxurious all-in-one pigment stick with a magnetic snap lock.
  • - The formula is long stay, highly buildable and custom created from Damask rose petals.

Dab on the apples of your cheeks. Buff with your fingers. Or a brush.

Apply the same tint to your pretty lips. Help them come to rosy, glossy life.

Light where you want, more powerful with layering. You’re in complete control!

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3. Flaunt long, healthy lashes.


‘Cause science shows eyes mesmerize.

Women with stunning eyes stand heads and shoulders above the crowd.

And you can get there - without falsies, or stiff spider lashes.

Grab PrimeLash Mascara in rich brown.

This product has over 6000 5* reviews and is adored by Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Where other mascaras need multiple coats to lend length and volume, this olive oil and avocado oil enriched formula is famous for bringing the smallest, sparsest lashes out of the woodwork.

In 2 coats.

Healthy, thick, separated eyelashes from first use.

3 Products, 5 Minutes. Evergreen Beauty All Day Long. Pro-age products that heal instead of hiding!

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PrimeWand Nourish

Face, neck, elbows, cuticles, thighs, ankles, knees, legs, arms or somewhere naughty... PrimeWand Nourish is luxury moisturizer on the go. For women over 50.

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PrimeWand Nude

You wanted variety. You wanted shades for the fairest to the warmest of complexions. Here its! PrimeWand Nude brings the multi-tasking miracle of PrimeWand Pigment - in a beguiling, gentle rosy hue.

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PrimeLash Mascara

Tired of thin, sparse lashes and bare eyes? We’ve made a pro-age mascara for mature women that’ll get you more compliments than you ever thought possible.

 Say Good-Bye to Textured Skin, Age Spots, Pallor, Tired Eyes, and Chapped Lips in 2 Minutes.

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STEP 1: Moisturize

with PrimeWand Nourish

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STEP 2: Color

with PrimeWand Pigment

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STEP 3: Define

with PrimeLash Mascara

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