How I Healed My Menopause Lashes and Got My Femininity Back.

PS: Now I Flutter with the Best of Them.

Can you Choose Between your Waistline and Your Lashes?

Mascara for Women over 50 - Who Knew?

When I heard about Prime Causemetics, I baulked at the idea of using a pro-age mascara for women over 50. (I am 51, but I still feel 17 at heart!). Then I realised I was being ridiculous (and slightly vain). I’d adapted my skincare to my changing hormone levels, so why hadn’t I adapted my make-up?

When my skin became sensitive, I’d replaced chemical-laden skincare with healing anti-inflammatories to calm and repair my skin. So why hadn’t I removed harsh chemicals from my make-up routine? No wonder my lashes weren’t happy.

Prime specialises in lash products, and I felt reassured by their expertise. (The founder came from a family of oncologists, and PrimeLash was initially designed for women who had undergone chemo and lost their lashes or had become super-sensitive).

They offer a 100% no risk money-back guarantee, so I decided to put their impressive claim to the test:
“We’ve made the mascara that gives you 10x elongation without clumps and smears.”

Only one way to find out!

(**Next batch ships soon)

My Review of PrimeLash Mascara

Conclusion: Time to Upgrade to a Lash Treatment.

(**Next batch ships soon)

Did PrimeLash Pass the Teenage Niece Test?

Eyelash Grooming Tips from Me to You:


(**Next batch ships soon)

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