A Big Chunk of My Lashes Fell Off… I Freaked Out. Menopause Was Stealing My Identity….

Here’s How I Fought Back.

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I could put up with hot flashes, insomnia, and constant irritation… losing my lashes was the final straw.

My 13-year old niece isn’t mean.

But her laughter speared my heart like a dagger.

Here I was, sitting with my sister and her family… when all of a sudden my eyes started to itch. I rubbed them and lo and behold …. There was a huge smear of mascara and a massive chunk of eyelashes.

At first I was bemused…. Was I wearing falsies?

Then I remembered I wasn’t and I had to muster up all the courage I had to not start screaming.

Have You Ever Been Bullied In the School Yard… All the Kids Pointing at You and Smirking. Menopause is A Bigger Bully.

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I excused myself, ran to the bathroom and ugly cried.

I cried because I was tired of forgetting things.

I cried because I was sick of the uncomfortable heat that wouldn’t let me catch a moment’s respite.

I cried because menopause had already stolen a lot of joy from my life -- and now it was coming for my femininity and my beauty too!

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My story has a happy ending.

But I know that thousands of women going through menopause don’t have the patience or the energy to unravel what’s happening to them.

I’ve done the work for you.

Menopause Lashes Are a Thing… And They Can Be As Bad As Chemo.

As you go through menopause, your hormones declare war.

Estrogen levels fall way down. Androgen (the male hormone) spikes.

Estrogen isn’t just pink clouds and goddess energy… It is ESSENTIAL to the normal functioning of a woman’s body.

Low estrogen = low brain energy = more confusion.

Low estrogen = thinning eyelashes = lash loss = bald eyes!

Your lashes simply refuse to stay on. They fall at an alarming rate.

I am a first hand witness -- it can often feel like the after effect of chemotherapy.

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If This Is You, You Are Probably Desperate For a Solution.

Bad news first. Sis, no ordinary make-up or mascara can save your lashes.

Even if you diligently apply really expensive serums and stick to upmarket mascaras.

I tried it all.

Over 20 different mascara brands and some horrific misadventures with false lashes later --- I want you to NOT go down the path of throwing money at the problem.

Now, the good news. There is a product that was first developed for chemo warriors by someone who comes from a line of oncologists.

This also happens to be the perfect mascara for menopausal lashes and women going through the really trying time of menopause.

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Meet PrimeLash Mascara:

World’s 1st Healing Mascara For Women Going Through Menopause.

ALERT: I want you to read each claim, each review, watch the video and decide for yourself.

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pH Balanced

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Cruelty Free

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Certified Organic Ingredients

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1. PrimeLash Mascara is water-resistant. Not water-proof.

It doesn’t dry out brittle lashes. Parched eyelashes break off. They break in curlers, they break removing mascara, and they break when ripping out falsies.

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2. PrimeLash Mascara is infused with the vitamins your lashes lose during menopause. Ask any dermatologist.

Vitamin deficiencies trigger hair loss in this sensitive time.

Vitamins A, C, E, H in PrimeLash Mascara strengthen weakened menopausal lashes, and give them the suppleness they need to stay lifted and perky. Bye bye curlers.

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3. On to the results --- You can expect 10x lash length and volume in 2 coats. And 2 coats is all you need.

No more spider lashes powdery with mascara.

This is what I look like after 2 layers >>

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4. PrimeLash Mascara is clean! It is pH balanced. Hypoallergenic.

Tested with 1200 mature women and chemo warriors. It won’t irritate and sting your eyes… even if those mood swings make you cry! I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

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PrimeLash Mascara Is Covered By Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping For Its Power to Lengthen Lashes, Hydrate Them, and Prevent Breakage.

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Try PrimeLash Risk-Free. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed!

Price & hesitation should never come between you and a Prime product that’ll lift your confidence.

That’s why we have a no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

99% of women ADORE PrimeLash. We won’t be mad if you’re in the 1% that for some reason don’t.

Send us back the bottle, even if it's empty.

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