I Was Tired of People Pitying My Bare Eyes. Chemo Had Taken My Lashes.

Here’s How I Got
My Pride Back.

Angela’s Whittik’s struggle with post-chemo lash loss. And how she grew them back with an unexpected product.

Being Reduced to My Diagnosis.

It Was a Mascara - One Made for Women Over 50.

I was part of multiple post-chemo Facebook groups.

And some kind soul posted the promotion for a new product. The buzz said it was the world’s first healing, pro-age mascara.

I am 55.

Even before being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, my old favorites were starting to look wrong on me. So you can imagine exactly how sceptical I was.

A woman post menopause, post chemo … expecting a mascara to grow back her lashes.

However, I was desperate and I placed the order. And then I panicked.

Chemo had left me with a slight tremor in my hands. And the few times I had attempted putting on other mascaras, the pigment was stamped everywhere.

Not with PrimeLash. The wand seemed to grab on to my tiny, sparse lashes. As I wiggled it up and down… I could feel it combing and separating them.

I wish I had captured the moment on camera, but when my lashes re-appeared like magic… I cried. There I was, putting on mascara and crying like a baby.

Two coats and I could see my lashes again. They weren’t sticking together. They were proud and popping. There was zero mascara gunk on their tips. And absolutely no fallout from the pigment.

I was stunned.

(**Next batch ships soon)

Without being dramatic, I know this mascara can change lives. As a part of the program I came in contact with Susan, Jeeyah & Lola - all above 50, all cancer survivors. Here are their stories:

“Queen of mascaras for old people and people who have had chemo. So - here is what happened. Very sceptical but ready to help poor old face and body. Went out for probably only a few months. Put the usual makeup on for going out. Someone took a photo. Ugh. Hit the internet. Got the Primelash. First up - could not wait - on with the Primelash. Waiting for the hit/sting. Nup. Ok = they say put another coat on = I did = still no sting. Feeling liberated now so kept on slapping on Primelash. I am 77 = I had 2 years of daily by mouth chemo for rare immune system disease back when and then age took over and lashes just did not come back as they were. Incidentally - I look terrific today”

- Susan Deane Blue Mountains NSW

- Susan Deane Blue Mountains NSW

“Amazing. I received this within a week of ordering always had small eyelashes but after chemotherapy last year they are worse than ever and I am 62.Considered extensions until I saw the advert for this product.Sent a message to see if it would be suitable for me.Responded in 24hours and it is brilliant.I will certainly order again and it has given me that little bit more confidence.”

- Jeeyah K.

- Jeeyah K.

“So happy with PrimeLash Mascara. I am so pleased with my PrimeLash mascara. I am 76 years old and have worn mascara since I was 16. I lost my eyelashes due to chemotherapy. When my lashes grew back, I applied some mascara of another brand from a tube that had been around for quite awhile. I never dreamed that it would cause my eyelashes to break off but that’s what happened. They have grown back now and I have used my PrimeLash mascara twice. I love the slim brush opposed to the brushes that are big at one end and small at the other. I’ve always had trouble applying mascara without getting it on one side of my eye lid or the other. This mascara is so easy to apply and I am careful to wash it off at night with a warm washcloth.”

- Lola C.

- Lola C.

“If you’re desperate to have longer, thicker lashes post chemo, but are afraid to try random, chemical laden products, I can assure you - PrimeLash Mascara will work. ”

- Angela W.

- Angela W.
(**Next batch ships soon)

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