“One dab and I recreate the lost flush of youth. 63 here and this wand of heaven is my lipstick, blush, bronzer & tint. Don’t leave home without it.” -Julia

Try the 5-in-1 Makeup Stick Trusted by Millions of Mature Women.

Award Winning & Over 2,500,000 Sold

PrimeWand Pigment - face tint, lipstick, blusher, contour, and eyelid enhancer.

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There is a reason why we’ve sold over 2.5 million PrimeWand Pigment sticks! In 2023 alone.

In a saturated landscape of beauty choices, only a select few products truly shine. PrimeWand Pigment has done so by promising a full face of dewy, subtle make-up in 2 minutes, and then delivering on that claim!

The skin-adoring formula heals signs of aging. Mature women can’t get enough of the velvety finish, the undaunting buildable intensity, and the fact that one wand is now their entire make-up bag! That’s a gamechanger.

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Five Reasons You'll Love It:


5-In-One Multitasker For Complete Makeup.

PrimeWands are your face tint, blusher, lipstick, contour, and eyelid enhancer (add some to your crease, transform your tired eyes!). Experience the luxury of full makeup in mere minutes.

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One Shade to Rule Them All.

Don’t get caught up in the shade drama. One color for all mature undertones. How? The wine/berry tint of your PrimeWand Pigment mimics your excited flush. And every silver queen is the same hue of happy!

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Beginner Friendly Application.

You’re in full control of the pigment intensity, because the pigment(s) are neutral, sheer, and very buildable.

A few taps and a bit of finessing give you a clean canvas. There’s no - “Oops.. I put on too much”. You won’t have to start over.

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Glides On, Stays On.

The stick glides on like silk. Doesn’t pull on mature skin. Doesn’t deposit pigment in heavy, harsh lines. The velvety finish lasts hours more than any other balm or all-in-one product on the market. Guaranteed.

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Soak Up Skin Care Benefits.

PrimeWand Pigment isn’t made to worship vanity. It heals signs of aging! Hypoallergenic, pH balanced - PrimeWand Pigment contains premium ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Japonica seed oil (known to deeply nourish your skin and repair the moisture barrier).

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Witness the Transformation

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Reveal your skin's true radiance. Join the millions of mature women who regard PrimeWand Pigment multitasker makeup stick as their ultimate beauty secret.

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Try It and Fall in Love with It!

100% money-back guarantee

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Fits in travel kits and purses

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Lasts all day 

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Luxe packaging

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Zero oiliness or grease

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