“Ever wondered if your under eyes could look young, rested, and gorgeous again? Wonder no more.” - Tracy P, 66

Prime Prometics’ PrimeEyes Hydrate Under Eye Cream

Invest In Under Eye Science Designed to Defeat All the Signs of Aging. 

Intense Under Eye Therapy For Mature Women.

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There’s a reason why 88% of women who try PrimeEyes Hydrate see a marked and visible improvement in under eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines - within 4 weeks. We don’t believe in pausing age induced damage. We’ve dug into history, borrowed beauty secrets from Asia and melded them with the best-in-class skincare technology to create a product that reverses the signs of aging.  

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Five Reasons You'll Love It:


Great With Concealer.

Designed as a balmy, luxe, non-greasy cream, PrimeEyes Hydrate acts as the perfect nourishing base for your concealer. Improves coverage, reduces creasing. 

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Builds Back Skin Firmness.

The most challenging under eye issues are collagen loss and skin sagging. No one loves tired, gaunt eyes. PrimeEyes Hydrate contains 5 classes of multi peptides. 

  • Hexapeptides: Botox-like effect, preventing wrinkle formation. 
  • Octapeptides: Medicine-grade anti-inflammatory agents. 
  • Heptapeptides: Regenerate cells. 
  • Tripeptides: Improve the look of aging skin. 
  • Tetrapeptides: Combat signs of aging, including dark spots. 

Watch your deflated skin perk back to life. Look rested and happy. 

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Plumps Out Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

Prevention isn’t the only cure. Sometimes a cure is a cure. Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. Three of the most potent skin plumpers in nature. Watch them fill out and lighten fine lines and wrinkles. 

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Replaces Dark Circles With Radiance.

A generic list of chemicals can’t brighten your under eyes. PrimeEyes Hydrate can. The base formula deeply nurtures and nourishes dry, parched under eyes. Precious saffron reduces age induced damage, bringing radiance to banish inky shadows. 

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Depuffs Under Eyes Bags

The only bags that look good on you are shopping bags. Ditch the rest. Arginine and Witch Hazel team up to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and depuff mature eyes. 

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Witness the Transformation

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Reveal your eyes true radiance. Join the millions of mature women who regard PrimeSkin Hydratd as their ultimate eye secret.

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Try It and Fall in Love with It!

100% money-back guarantee

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Ophthalmologist Tested

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Fast Absorbing

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Great With Make-Up 

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