Have your eyelashes become thin, short and sparse with age?

Are your lashes
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We understand that your post-50 lashes need specialist care. Tips from pro age writer Charlotte Wilkes will nurture them back to life

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1. STOP Using Expired Mascara.

Simple but overlooked.
Chemicals in expired mascaras can irritate your eyes and damage your lashes.

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2. STOP Using Heated Lash Curlers.

Bendy lashes are more prone to breakage.

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3. STOP Using Chemical Mascaras

Preservatives in non-hypoallergenic mascaras can irritate your eyes, so you keep rubbing them and end up with red, watery eyes and smudging.

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4. STOP Using Water-Proof Mascara

Water-proof mascaras are a nightmare to get off without stretching the skin and contain harsh chemicals which damage your lashes. Try water-resistant instead.

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5. STOP Using Falsies.

Most false lashes come with cheap adhesives. Pulling them out can damage fragile menopausal lashes.

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6. STOP Using Oil-Based Mascaras Designed For 20-Year Olds

Thick oil-based formulas clump and flake off fragile, dry lashes by the end of the day. No wonder you end up with smudges.


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They DON’T have wands to separate and coat thin, tiny lashes. This creates lumps.

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They ARE NOT hypoallergenic. You get red, watery, irritated eyes. And smearing.

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They DRY OUT lashes with water-proof formula. Mascara on dry lashes flakes.

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They ARE NOT easy to take off! And further damage lashes over a period of time.

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Lash Loss Gotten you Down?

Blame hormones – they cause havoc on your skin, hair, nails and lashes, leaving them bonedry, fragile and prone to breakage, not to mention sensitive skin and watery eyes. Mascara no longer goes on smoothly and looks smudged and crispy by the end of the day.

Maybe you have spent a fortune on expensive mascaras which failed to live up to their promises – your lashes deserve science, not marketing. Maybe you tried falsies until you realised they made you look older.

The Key Is To Work With Your Body, Not Against It – We Aren’t 20 Anymore!

Did you adjust your skincare routine when your skin became more sensitive post-menopause?

Perhaps you replaced chemical-laden products with healing anti-inflammatories to calm and
repair your skin.

Find products that support your needs in the present. Not mimic the advice of 20-year old YouTubers.

Shooting selfies but not sharing them cause your eyes look dull without your sweeping lashes is not fair….

Having to invest hundreds of dollars in lash extensions that actually deteriorate lash quality is not fair…. 

Struggling with mascaras that don’t meet your mature needs is not fair… 

The cosmetic world does not prioritise women over 50! 

Luckily, we at Prime Prometics do.

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Created For Women post- 50. 20x Elongation Guaranteed.

Thick, Defined, Lifted Lashes In Two Clean Coats.

What Women Are Saying About Us...
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Thick, Defined, Lifted Lashes In Two Clean Coats.

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