I Feared I’d Never Look the Same. Little Did I Know,

I Could Look Better Post-Chemo!

Written by Chemo Warrior & Activist Sara Whittick.

DISCLAIMER: This account contains first-hand experiences of a chemo warrior. In case you are sensitive about the trials & tribulations of this difficult time, please know that this story has a hopeful, happy ending.

I knew I wasn’t going to die.

But I might as well have been dead! 

My oncologist had warned me of the nausea, the pain, the diarrhea. 

Nothing could have prepared me for how different I’d look once the weight loss, the hyperpigmentation, and of course - the “bald as a baby” hair fall kicked in. 

For the first time in my life, I loathed people. 

Parties. Silly laughs… the tinkle of wine glasses. 

As if my whole world and identity were not crumbling around me. 

I feared that I would never recapture my beauty. And I despised who I saw in the mirror.

I was 52. I was as haggard as 70! Chemo does that to you.

My wake-up call was 16 messages on my phone. From my sister. She was scared sick.

I hadn’t spoken to anyone in weeks. I hadn’t responded to calls. I had blocked out the world because I was so ashamed of my appearance. But when I opened my apartment door to let my sister in, she was ecstatic. Her eyes lit up… she hugged me. 

And said: “Oh.. You are the best sight in the world right now Sara! You have no idea how terrified I’d been… We thought you’d done something… to yourself” 

In that moment, a switch flipped. Epiphany. 

I was STILL beautiful. To the people who cared. That’s the truth. 

For the rest….. 

If I was alive… I could re-build my body. Regain my looks.

I was STILL beautiful. To the people who cared. That’s the truth. For the rest….. If I was alive… I could re-build my body. Regain my looks.

If I was alive… I could re-build my body. Regain my looks.

And My Warrior Queen, So Can You!

I’ve gone on the quest for you! 

Here are 4 experience based tips to help you care for your femininity post chemo, and look better than what you’ve ever done:

1. Upgrade Your Diet.

2. Take Hyperpigmentation & Paleness Head On


It’s a multi-tasking stick that triples as my lipstick, blush, and tint. I start sheer… just stroking it on, and buffing it in with my fingers. 

Gives the most natural kiss of color. Healthy and vigorous. Without blocking my pores, or leaving stickiness and residue behind.  My skin, only better.

3. Build Your Brows 


4. Stay Away From Falsies


Prime Didn’t Pay Me, I’ve Paid Them…


Created With Love For Warriors

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