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Prime Purse

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“I just grab this one bag, and I’m on the go. It has everything I need to look great throughout the day!”

-Angelica, Prime Customer.

Contains best-sellers: PrimeLash Mascara (Black), PrimeLip Lipstick (Razz My Berries), PrimeBrow Complete (Taupe), PrimeSkin Beauty Water & PrimeLip Gloss (FREE).

Convenience doesn’t have to be dowdy. This sophisticated, environment-friendly Prime Purse brings our biggest sellers (in your favorite colors) to one handy dandy, feminine bag.

Lengthen lashes with PrimeLash Mascara. Get pouty, succulent lips with PrimeLip Lipstick. Brows? Slay with PrimeBrow Complete. Melt it all away, in one swipe. That’s PrimeSkin Beauty Water.
Save 10% on this limited edition collectible.

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Come on...

Peek Inside Your Prime Purse:

PrimeLash Mascara (in Black)

PrimeLash Mascara (in Black)

World’s 1st healing mascara, made for mature women. Apply two clean coats for 10x lash thickness and length. Bottom-lash friendly. Take off with PrimeSkin Beauty Water.
PrimeSkin Beauty Water

PrimeSkin Beauty Water

Place a cotton pad over the mouth of the dispenser, and press down. Hold to your eyes and lips for a few seconds. Gently swipe make-up clean. Feeling dry and stretchy? Apply all over your face and let it seep in.
PrimeLip Lipstick (Razz My Berries)

PrimeLip Lipstick (Razz My Berries)

Intensely creamy lipstick. Store in a cool, dry place. Put on with a lipstick brush for clean, long- stay finish. Looks its best in well-lit spaces.
PrimeBrow Complete (Taupe)

PrimeBrow Complete (Taupe)

Morning: Dip the spoolie brush in the wand, once. Feather through your brows. Night: Clean brows with PrimeSkin Beauty Water. Apply PrimeBrow Growth Serum.
PrimeLip Gloss

PrimeLip Gloss

Apply on clean lips for a sexy, subtle glimmer. Seal inPrimeLip Lipstick with this unscented, light gloss. (PS: This is a FREE gift from Prime - Enjoy).

3 Reasons Why Holidays Need The Prime Purse

Simplify Looking Great!

Don’t overthink it. The Prime Purse has everything you need to knock the socks off people you meet and events you attend.

Don’t waste a second in front of the mirror. Go live your life, Prime Purse has your back.

Gift Self Love & Ageless Beauty.

You can’t beat this. Anyone who gets the Prime Purse in their stocking will be ever grateful to you.

Instant gratification with lusher lashes, pouty lips, and bold brows. Healing for decades to come.

Prime Purse
Prime Purse

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