PrimeSkin Beauty Water: Deeply Hydrating Make-Up Remover.
PrimeSkin Beauty Water: Deeply Hydrating Make-Up Remover.
PrimeSkin Beauty Water: Deeply Hydrating Make-Up Remover.
PrimeSkin Beauty Water: Deeply Hydrating Make-Up Remover.
PrimeSkin Beauty Water: Deeply Hydrating Make-Up Remover.
PrimeSkin Beauty Water: Deeply Hydrating Make-Up Remover.

PrimeSkin Beauty Water: Deeply Hydrating Make-Up Remover.

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  • Ultra-hydrating make-up remover for women over 50.
  • Non-greasy. Respects sensitive skin. Zero redness after.
  • Feeds your skin’s microbiome. Protects your delicate moisture barrier.

100% no-risk money back guarantee

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Cleanses, exfoliates, removes make-up, refreshes - all from one bottle!

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Gunk on the cotton, not on your face!

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100% no-risk money back guarantee

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The thing i just love about Prime Products is that they all work as advertised, I was reluctant at first to try PrimeSkin Beauty Water, My skin is very sensitive with rosacea and have had strong reactions to other waters and cleansers, However, PrimeSkin Beauty Water is amazing! It gently removes all makeup, I really enjoy using it in the morning as part of my wake up routine.

- Robin A

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Easy to use, I love the bottle and the dispensing system which makes it easier to control how much you use. Very efficient cleansing leaving my skin feeling smooth and I suppose the word is hydrated. I bought this on impulse when buying Primelash mascara which is my go to mascara. This is now my go to cleanser. So glad I found PrimePrometics.

- Lindsey

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I was pleased with the thoroughness of the makeup removal as well as the short amount of time it took to come off. It left my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

- Monica M

100% no-risk money back guarantee

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100% no-risk money back guarantee

3 reasons why PrimeSkin Beauty Water is unbeatable

End the mascara struggle. Thick? Gloopy? Water-proof? No problem!   

Water-proof mascaras are notoriously hard to take off. The solution isn’t to rub harder.

Save precious eyelashes --- one (gentle) wipe at a time.

Soak a cotton pad in PrimeSkin Beauty Water, hold it over your mascara-adorned lashes, wait for 30 seconds, clean with conviction.

  • No broken eyelashes pleading for mercy.
  • Not a raccoon eye in sight.
  • No stinging or burning.
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Melts make-up, hydrates skin.  

You’re in the Prime of your life. 

Why settle for regular removers, when you can upgrade to this luxe, bubbly champagne? 

PrimeSkin Beauty Water minimizes rubbing, tugging, and pulling. The dreaded trifecta of mechanical skin damage. 

Avoid redness and rashes. Avoid a compromised moisture barrier. Lap up the yummy goodness of plumping humectants. 

Don’t stop at clean. 

Fresh, hydrated, smooth -- now that sounds like you!

100% no-risk money back guarantee

Facial without the fuss.

Call it a skin pick-me-up. Call it a mini-peel. Call it facial without the fuss.

Review after review shows that there is something downright magical about a PrimeSkin Beauty Water drench, right before your shower time.

Pure gold for dull, tired skin.

Emerge from your sanctum smelling divine, feeling fabulous, giving radiant queen vibes.

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100% no-risk money back guarantee

Your Beauty is Our Duty.

(If You're Not Satisfied, We’ll Refund You.)

You deserve to try PrimeSkin with no strings attached.

And we have full confidence in the technology we’ve used to create the formula.

Prime Prometics puts you in the limelight. Our mission is to help you enhance your natural beauty, at any age.

So if you’re not satisfied with PrimeSkin, just let us know at We will refund you your money, no questions asked.

Even if that bottle’s empty. :)

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Frequently asked questions


We understand that residue is a big complaint in women over 50. 

PrimeSkin Beauty Water’s balanced pH ensures that your hydration barrier is intact, and any dirt or make-up from your skin is melted away through safe chemical action, and not through the brute force of stickiness - as is the case with baby oils, and vaseline. 

A far more elegant approach.

Aqua (Water), PEG-6 Caprylic Acid / Decanoic Acid Glycerol Esters, 1, 2-Hexanediol, Propylene Glycol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Mannitol, Rhamnose, Parfum, Trehalose, EDTA Disodium, Cetrionium Bromide  

PrimeSkin Beauty Water is lovingly crafted to preserve the natural moisture of your skin. 

It may seem like a topical solution. It is a lot more than that. 

  • It removes make-up and cosmetics without rubbing and pulling. Maintains your skin’s elasticity and integrity. 
  • It repairs damaged moisture barriers, allowing precious hydration to stay locked in.  
  • It sloughs off dead skin cells (and with it.. The dullness that ensues) 
  • Helps your skin counter depleted collagen reserves. Rare Rhamnose stimulates collagen production in your dermis. 

150 ML or 5.1 Fl Oz.

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