I Kept Buying New Mascara In Hopes of Lush, Dense Lashes…But Had to Take Them Off Minutes Later.
It Was Depressing…

I Could Look Better Post-Chemo!

Jennifer Drew (52) struggled with lash thinning and breakage, like every other mature woman.
But having extra-sensitive eyes made her journey more challenging.

But nothing in the world could have prepared me for the
shock of what was ahead once I passed the big 5-0!

Tiny lashes got tinier and all but disappeared.

They decided to hate my lashline and live on my pillow instead.

I would wake up with dread... I would look at the mirror with dread… and most importantly,
I would open that tube of mascara - with a pounding heart and dread…

Because the slightest whiff of chemicals made tears pour down my cheeks.. Gave me red, swollen eyes, and more lash breakage.

I Spent $3000 on Mascaras…

From the best luxury brands to indie products that promised miraculous transformations.

I wanted to believe their claims.

But every time I went to layer the product on, I had to stop mid-way.

Because my eyes blurred out and mucus formed in the corners.

Crusty, smudged, panda eyes with clumps on the lashes..

I Blamed Me.. Till I Learned the Truth.
“Pro-age mascara… designed for women over 50”... “Hypoallergenic”, “Effective” “Clean” “20x lash lengthening” “10,000 5* reviews”...
The next 5 minutes changed my life. Toxic Mascaras Are the Real Culprit...
But There’s a Solution.
Women Over 50 Need Pro-Age, Clean Beauty. Made
Especially For Them.

We don’t have lashes to spare!!

Meet: PrimeLash

The World’s 1st Healing Mascara That “Orders” Your Lashes to Grow Back Again.

Without Chemicals.

20x Elongation and Lash Thickening Guaranteed.

(**Next batch ships soon)

Think Thick, Defined, Lifted Lashes That Make You Look Like a Million Dollars.
In Two Clean Coats!

“No clumping, flaking or smudging, & it’s easy to remove with my normal removing routine.I would give this mascara 10 stars & will absolutely reorder more!”



"Easy to apply and has a fantastic effect that thickens the lashes with just one or two strokes and stays put!....."



"It's the best mascara I've ever used & I'm 65yrs old & been using mascara since I was 14yrs so used lots! This is fab, so gentle on lashes but works perfect. Many thanks…."



Primelash Bundle is already a best-seller in three countries.

Thank You

Thank you for making a product that does what it says it will do! I am beyond happy with what the Prime mascara does for my lashes. I’m 68 and had given up on having my own natural lashes. I also bought the lash serum wich i have been using for three week twice a day. I bought three tubes of the lash serum. Looking forward to seeing how much it helps my short sparse lashes. I’ll be sure to let you know!

Fabulous is the description

I am not a cancer sufferer but my eyelashes have thinned. This is the best mascara, easy to apply with no glugginess. They Look longer again and healthier...


I just received the mascara today and all I can say is you have given my eyes back to me! I always had nice long eyelashes but over the years they seemed to disappear. When looking in the mirror; I looked different and it was because I no longer had my nice eyelashes. I'm just one application they are there again. Thank you for helping me to feel more like myself. I am 78 years old and am not trying to look young just trying to look better and more like myself and your mascara has achieved that for me. Thank you so much.

(**Next batch ships soon)

Mascaras Fail the “Over 50” Test. Why is PrimeLash Different?

If you’re over 50, try to make your mascara hold itself together past 50 minutes.
You can’t.
In an hour your undereyes are messy, your lashes are drooping.
PrimeLash works because of its unique four-way action.

Experience the Prime effect.

(**Next batch ships soon)

Try PrimeLash Risk-Free. Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

(**Next batch ships soon)

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