Golden Opportunity for Silver Queens!

What lights you up? What adds to your worth? Do you own a business? Do you like to create things with your hands? Performer?

We want to put the spotlight on you! 

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Over 200,000 mature women, and counting.

Prime’s thriving community has welcomed former models and actresses… CEOs… life coaches… doctors ... warriors… and homemakers.

Amazingly talented and purposeful ladies over 50, proving that mature queens can uplift everyone around them.

Did you know that over 80% of mature women face discrimination at work? They are even discriminated against in the healthcare system.

While helping you fall in love with the mirror again is our mission, we also want to take advantage of our burgeoning community for the greater good. 

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Share what you create with us!

Any original work goes - from images and videos of what you make (think food, sculptures, art, items of clothing) to what you help bring into this world (think your independent business, the community welfare that you do, and regular mentorship of any kind). 

Fill out our application form.

If your showcase is chosen, Prime will:

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Craft a blog post or email - all about you.

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Spotlight your efforts, with your backstory.

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Promote it to our community of 200k mature women (via email and social media) 

Why Feature Prime’s Community Members?

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To help older women realize that life (still) has a lot to offer.

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To discover role models they can relate to.

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To open up doors of opportunity & exposure for talented pro-age ladies (like you!) 

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To recognize and respect your valuable contributions.

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Any work you share must be original. You should own full rights to the videos and pictures, as well as the concept of the work showcased.

Prime won’t offer monetary compensation if your work is chosen to be featured. 

If your work is chosen, you give us permission to share the same (properly attributed) with our community. 

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Cosmetics with a Cause

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

For every product you purchase, we donate to help a woman thrive.

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Fight Cancer

Equipping charities that help breast cancer survivors live with dignity.

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Salute Women On Frontlines

Expanding our drive to support women on the medical frontline.

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Stop Misinformation

Investing in bodies that print accurate information to educate mature women.

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Commission Research

Choosing the best talent in R&D to design cosmetics that use science to heal.