Eyebrows Sparse, Patchy and Faded
with Age?

Brows Shortening in Length?

Stiff Brow Hair Ruining Every Make-Up Look?

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We understand that your post-50 brows need specialist care.

1. STOP Layering Sunscreen and Foundation over your Brows

Too much layering can block the hair follicle and slow hair growth. Less is more.

2. STOP Sleeping in your Make-up

You will regret it in the morning. Dried pencil and gel residue make brows stiff and unruly.

3. STOP Trimming your Eyebrows

You wouldn’t trim your fringe, so why risk trimming menopausal brows? Leave it to the experts.

4. CONDITION your Eyebrows

Fragile eyebrows desperately need conditioning. Do not use hair conditioner – you need a hydrating, pH balanced brow serum to nourish your brows.

5. FEED your Brows

Fruit and veg are rich in vitamins that feed your lashes and brows internally and help them
grow fuller and thicker.

6. STOP using Pencils and Pomades Designed for 20-year-Olds.

They are stuffed full of toxins. And deposit too much pigment for over-the-top, harsh &
un-natural brows.

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We Get It! Brows Are Your Identity. Losing Them is Scary & Disappointing.

I Blamed Me.. Till I Learned the Truth.
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Last year we surveyed 1200 women over 50.
And they all wanted this: Gorgeous brows right now, without spending hours in front of the mirror. And better natural brow hair growth, for the long term.

Impossible? Hardly.

Meet: PrimeBrow Complete:

One sleek wand.
3 wow actions.
Gorgeous brows for women over 50.

Prominent brows, instantly.
Natural brow growth, with use.
ACTION 1: Lightweight non-sticky PrimeBrow Mousse™ tames stray hairs.
ACTION 2: Coffee pigments in the mousse lend rich but subtle color to faded brows.
ACTION 3: PrimeBrow Growth Serum’s™ bioactive nutrients reverse age induced brow damage. 10x natural brow growth.

Natural + Cruelty-Free + Hypoallergenic

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Created For Women post-50: Perfect Brows in 2 Minutes a Day!

What Women Are Saying About Us...
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What Women Are Saying About Us...

“Big fan of PrimeBrow Growth Serum. Had to have this one. The Prime mousse is fantastic. No smell. Each dip picks up just the right amount of product. The color is natural and doesn’t stain anything else. Truly - all I ever wanted.. In a wand. Who would’ve thought!”

-Bridgett S, 55

-Bridgett S, 55

"Easy to apply and has a fantastic effect that thickens the lashes with just one or two strokes and stays put!....."



"I like PrimeLash Mascara a lot! It provides a good definition without being clumpy…."



Try PrimeBrow Complete Risk-Free.
100% Money-Back Guaranteed!