From Flat to Alive and Glowing. In 3 Simple Steps.

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With age the natural contours of your face are dulled. Skin sags. Fat tissues melt. 

You feel flat and undefined. 

But you don’t have to go under the knife. You don’t have to spend hours with a make-up artist.

Looking and feeling youthful, alive, radiant with PrimeWand Contour Kit is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step - By - Step

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PrimeWand Chestnut


Apply on your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead for a sun-kissed look.

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PrimeWand Nude


Apply on the apples of your cheeks for a rosy flush. Chic & subtle

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PrimeWand Pearl


Glide on the high points of your face (tops of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, eyelids) for instant radiance.

Loved, used, collected by thousands of women


“The PrimeWand Contour Kit has revolutionized my makeup routine! The bronzer, blusher, and highlighter sticks are so easy to use and blend seamlessly into my skin. I love how they give me a natural, radiant glow without feeling heavy.”
- Sarah L.


“As someone new to contouring, I was amazed at how beginner-friendly the PrimeWand Contour Kit is. My favorite part is the PrimeWand Pearl highlighter – it gives me such a beautiful, subtle shimmer.”
- Amanda K.


“I can't get enough of the PrimeWand Contour Kit! The combination of bronzer, blusher, and highlighter adds the perfect touch to my makeup, enhancing my features without looking overdone.”
- Lisa M.


I'm absolutely in love with the PrimeWand Contour Kit! It makes contouring so simple and effective, and the creamy texture blends beautifully. It's perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions! Definitely a must-have in my makeup bag!
- Emilly J.

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Ingredients that add back plump bounce & radiance, for the long haul.

Japonica seed oil: Lightweight, hydrating oil that revitalizes the skin with antioxidants and fatty acids.

Shea butter: Moisturizes and heals. Because healthy skin = stunning you.

Beeswax: Moisturizes and protects for more bee-utiful mature skin.

Castor seed oil: A healing elixir that aims to prevent further fine lines and inflammation. 

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Cosmetics with a Cause

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

For every product you purchase, we donate to help a woman thrive.

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Fight Cancer

Equipping charities that help breast cancer survivors live with dignity.

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Salute Women On Frontlines

Expanding our drive to support women on the medical frontline.

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Investing in bodies that print accurate information to educate mature women.

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