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Feeling Insecure About Thin, Sparse, Short Lashes?

Stop Lash Loss...

Regain Your Beauty.

Keep reading for 6 expert lash health tips >>

Tip #1: Don’t Use Expired Mascara.

Simple but overlooked.
Your Mascara expires. And when it does, the chemicals in it harm your lash strength.

Tip #2: Ditch Heated Lash Curlers.

They make your lashes bendy leading to (even) easier breakage.

Tip #3: Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals.

Non-hypoallergenic mascara (one that contains preservatives) can irritate your eyes, making you rub them more frequently. This results in lash loss. Always use a pH balanced, gentle product.

Tip #4: Water-Proof Lash Products Are a No.

Water-proof mascaras are a nightmare to get off. They dry out mature lashes, making them thinner, and more prone to breakage.

Tip #5: STOP Pulling Out Falsies.

Most false lashes come with cheap adhesives. Pulling them out leads to broken and damaged lashes. For women over 50, this means more lash problems.

Tip #6: Do You Use Mascaras Meant for 20-Year Olds?

Then you may be causing more lash damage than you know!

Go, grab your favorite mascara.

Look at its ingredients list.

Can you see “olive oil” or “avocado oil” or any other kind of nourishing base? What about herb extracts?

If the answer is “no” - then your mascara relies on fillers and pigments to lengthen and thicken.

It might work in the moment, but it dries out your thinning, sparse lashes leading to more lash breakage, and worse results over time.

In fact, most mascaras in the market today don’t work for women for 50.

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They don't have wands to separate and coat thin, tiny lashes. This creates lumps.

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They ARE NOT hypoallergenic. You get red, watery, irritated eyes. And smearing.

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They DRY OUT lashes with waterproof formula. Mascara on dry lashes flakes.

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They are not easy to take off! And further damage lashes over a period of time.

Stop Despairing… Start Smiling. Crazy Long & Healthy Lashes Are Possible.

Thousands of frustrated, desperate women over 50 have switched to this product, and seen miraculous results.

So much so that Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping have all covered it.

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5000+ 5* reviews can't be wrong...

World's First Healing Mascara For Mature Women: PrimeLash Mascara.

10x Length & thickness. Separated, Defined, Lifted, Healthy Lashes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PrimeLash Mascara gives you 10x lash length and elongation, in two clean coats. Expect to see perky, lush lashes that frame your eyes. But also expect to see visible improvement in lash quality and volume in 4 weeks.

PrimeLash mascara contains healing virgin oils like olive oil, avocado oil and more. We have infused the formula with vitamins A, C, E, H for plump, hydrated, well nourished lashes that respond better to pigments. Finally, PrimeLash Mascara contains herb extracts. Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Lavender all promote natural lash growth and heal lash follicle inflammation and infection.

Waterproof mascaras are poison for women over 50.

PrimeLash Mascara is water resistant. No, you won’t get smudges or stained undereyes.

First, we use premium pigments. They gel well with our serum base and coat your lashes only as much as is needed to add color and pump hydration. 

The rest of the lengthening and thickening is the result of brilliant lash combing (thanks to our wand) and deep lash nourishment.

PrimeLash mascara was created for chemo warriors. It is gentle, nourishing and beauty boosting. We’ve tested this product with 1200 mature women. It is pH balanced, hypoallergenic and formulated with organic ingredients.

Most Mascaras Fail the "Over 50" Test. Why is PrimeLash Different?

If you’re over 50, try to make your mascara hold itself together past 50 minutes. You can’t.

In an hour your undereyes are messy, your lashes are drooping.

PrimeLash works because of its unique three-way action.


Gets the tiniest lashes. Separates hem.


Buildable formula gives lift & drama in two coats.


Essential vitamins bond to lashes for growth.

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Try PrimeLash Risk-Free. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed!

Price & hesitation should never come between you and a Prime product that’ll lift your confidence.

That’s why we have a no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

99% of women ADORE PrimeLash. We won’t be mad if you’re in the 1% that for some reason don’t.

Send us back the bottle, even if it's empty.

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