Feel you’ve Become Invisible Post-50?

Make-up Favourites no Longer Working?

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We understand that post-50s need specialist make-up. Tips from pro age writer Charlotte Wilkes will get you looking and feeling fabulous again.

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1. Avoid Foundation That Dry Out Your Skin

Regular foundations and powders can settle in wrinkles, drawing attention to fine lines. Invest in a nourishing cream-based foundation instead or a pigmented tinted moisturiser.

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2. Go Easy On The Highlighters

Use highlighter sparingly on the focal points of your face, or you will emphasize fine lines.

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3. Avoid Dark Lipsticks

Pair nude or pastel lipsticks with a complementary lip liner to define your cupid’s bow. Dark colors can seep into lip lines.

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4. Don’t Copy Eyeshadow Techniques From Teen Influencers

• A hint of shimmer on the eyelids is ok because matte can be flat and ageing.
• STOP highlighting your crease
• STOP defining your crease – it can increase hooding and make you look tired.
• Define your eyes with mascara instead.

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5. STOP Using Oil-Based Mascaras

Most false lashes come with cheap adhesives. Pulling them out can damage fragile menopausal lashes.

Still “Worthy” Post 50?

Cosmetic companies love to remind young women of their worth. So they (willingly) invest in exorbitantly priced beauty products that offer light hydration and make a world of difference to already plump, well-collagenated skin!

But What Is Big Beauty Doing To Boost Your Sense Of Worth & Confidence?

Anti-ageing campaigns do the opposite – they say only young is beautiful.

Time to turn that around!

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Find Mature Make-Up Solutions That Are “Worthy” of Being in Your Make-Up Routine Instead

Meet – Prime Causemetics!

One of the only brands that has invested over $1M in R&D for mature beauty.

We’ve interviewed 1200+ silver queens and found the biggest thing that chips away at their confidence and looks – going from thick, beautiful lifted lashes to sparse, thinning, stubby ones!

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Introducing PrimeLash Mascara: Natural Lash Growth, With Drama & Oomph!

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20x Elongation.

Thick oil-based mascaras dry out mature lashes and lead to clumps, so we opted for a lighter, more elegant formula to lengthen your lashes. Our water-based mascara is buildable fordrama and lift: 2 coats go on smoothly without clogging or flaking. They are also easier to remove at night, so no excuses!

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Natural + Cruelty-Free + Hypoallergenic

Dry, flaking oil-based mascaras are one of the main causes of eye irritation. Water-based mascaras have a neutral pH, so PrimeLash is gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Smudges are a thing of the past.

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Tapered Wand

Our medium-sized sized silicone brush is slightly tapered to grip, coat and separate hard-to-reach fine lashes. Enjoy perfectly defined and separated lashes – no more clumps!

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Nourishing Lash Treatment

Regular mascaras don’t nourish lashes – they just coat them. Fine when you are 20, but post-50 lashes need more nourishment. Our natural, vitamin-rich formula feeds stubby lashes everything needed to grow back strong and healthy.

Created For Women post-50. 20x Elongation Guaranteed.

Thick, Defined, Lifted Lashes In Two Clean Coats.

What Women Are Saying About Us...
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Thick, Defined, Lifted Lashes In Two Clean Coats.

“No clumping, flaking or smudging, & it’s easy to remove with my normal removing routine.I would give this mascara 10 stars & will absolutely reorder more!.” -Margaret


"Easy to apply and has a fantastic effect that thickens the lashes with just one or two strokes and stays put!....." -Sue


"I like PrimeLash Mascara a lot! It provides a good definition without being clumpy…." -Amanda


I am in the "older" population now and when I was in the younger population, I committed many make-up offenses like sleeping in my makeup and not removing my mascara. As a result of that or maybe just due to aging, my eyelashes are very thin now. It's hard to find a good mascara (believe me, I've spent a lot of money trying!) that makes my eyelashes look like they have some substance now. I used PrimeLash for the 1st time yesterday and I'm VERY impressed! It makes my lashes longer and fuller. I'm sold on this mascara & I will be buying more! -Monica


Try PrimeLash Risk-Free. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed!

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