Eyelashes Getting Thinner,
Shorter & Sparser With Age?
Eyes Looking Bare?

Lash Loss Got You Sad?

Stop these 5 things TODAY
or thick, sexy lashes.

1. STOP Using Expired Mascara.

Simple but overlooked.

Your mascara expires. And when it does, the chemicals in it harm your lash strength.

2. STOP Using Heated Lash Curlers.

They make your lashes bendy leading to (even) easier breakage.

3. STOP Tinting your Lashes.

Tinting is dyeing. It further deteriorates lash quality, especially in mature women.

4. STOP Using Products with Prostaglandin.

This is the “secret sauce” making eyelash serums work. You’ll see some lash lengthening, but there have been lawsuits galore over this ingredient.

With long term use it causes eye damage and yup - more lash breakage.

Be wary.. Go check your serum right now!

5. STOP Layering Mascara.

This one is HUGE.

Especially if you constantly wear water-proof mascara which dries out your lashes.

As women age, their long, dark lashes start to thin, become clumped, and fall every day.

Regular mascaras take several applications to provide any sort of definition or lift. The result? Thick goop on lashes that stick together. And look really messy.

Plus, removing this is an ordeal. You end up with stained panda eyes. And broken lashes on your cheeks, on your towels, on your make-up remover pads….

It's True… Women Over 50 Have it Rough.

You Follow Influencers in Hopes of Advice, Only to Buy (Useless) Expensive Products That Fail….You’re Forever Looking For Your Lost Lash Confidence in Photo Editing Apps… Not Fair.

When you’re in your 50s, 60s, or 70s… forgetting the firmness and the resilience of youth can be quite difficult.

Mature women go through changes in their hormone levels that alter their looks.

The trick is to LOVE yourself for the way you are now.

Find products that support your needs in the present. Not mimic the advice of 20-year old YouTubers.

Shooting selfies but not sharing them cause your eyes look dull without your sweeping lashes is not fair….

Having to invest hundreds of dollars in lash extensions that actually deteriorate lash quality is not fair….

Struggling with mascaras that don’t meet your mature needs is not fair…

The cosmetic world does not prioritize women over 50!

Luckily, we at Prime Causemetics do.

You Can Be Above 50, 60, or 70 AND Find the Lash Care Routine That Works Like Gangbusters!

All this and more is not just possible, but also easy on your wallet.
And cruelty-free!

If you know this SECRET. 👇👇

Just “Oomph” Doesn’t Cut It for Mature
Lashes. You Need More.
Step 1: You MUST repair existing damage. Most lash sparseness and breakage boil down to lack of nourishment. Feed your lashes a diet of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).
Step 2: COAX natural lash growth. There’s only so much you can do with your existing lash density. For an impression of “more” lashes, you need more lashes.
Step 3: STOP using products that trigger eye allergy and lash weakening. ASAP.

Meet: PrimeLash Bundle

The Serum-Mascara Duo Designed to Heal Damaged Lashes, Make Them Grow, And Pack the Punch of 20x Lash Elongation.

Endorsed by Hundreds of Women.

Created for Queens Over 50.

Absolutely Without Chemicals.

(**Next batch ships soon)
Primelash Bundle is already a best-seller in three countries.
The praise is endless.
PrimeLash Mascara:
Get Thick, Defined, Lifted Lashes That Make You Look Like a Million Dollars.
In Two Clean Coats!
PrimeLash Growth Serum:
Find More New Lashes Growing Than You Did 20 Years Ago.
Watch the Gaps Fill Out.
Thank you for making a product that does what it says it will do! I am beyond happy with what the Prime mascara does for my lashes. I’m 68 and had given up on having my own natural lashes. I also bought the lash serum wich i have been using for three week twice a day. I bought three tubes of the lash serum. Looking forward to seeing how much it helps my short sparse lashes. I’ll be sure to let you know! -Janis W.
I am not a cancer sufferer but my eyelashes have thinned. This is the best mascara, easy to apply with no glugginess. They Look longer again and healthier...

I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I wear maskara everyday!!!

Because I love it.....

The serum is obviously doing something good!!!
-Wendy H.
Love it! I always joked that I first had to find my lashes to apply mascara. Not only have my lashes become thicker & longer but lashes have grown in spaces where there were none. I can now see my lashes even before I apply this great mascara. Love it, love it. It really works!!! -Lydia T.
(**Next batch ships soon)

Beauty Products Fail the “Over 50” Test.
Why is the PrimeLash Bundle Different?

It boils down to 4 things we’ve spent 18 months researching & perfecting!

Be in the Prime of your life.
Get noticed…

(**Next batch ships soon)

Try PrimeLash Risk-Free. Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Price & hesitation should never come between you and a Prime product that’ll lift your confidence.

That’s why we have a no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

99% of women ADORE PrimeLash. We won’t be mad if you’re in the 1% that for some reason don’t.

Send us back the bottles, even if they’re empty.

(**Next batch ships soon)

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