Tina Dhillon

Tina is an architect with a modern, creative approach to design. Her style and beauty practice is informed by a multicultural upbringing, extensive travel, and her formal architectural education. Her personal style mantra is Bold Simplicity, meaning keep it simple but always add some bling. Against a backdrop of modern minimalism, Tina finds moments to emphasize drama and personality. Through colour, textiles, or the thoughtful use of beautiful, bespoke, handmade pieces she adds textural and conversational interest. Her keep it simple and effortless approach to beauty is why PrimeLip is her go to makeup. She may not have any other makeup on but she will never leave home without her lipstick! Her simple accessible style was chosen to represent a major Canadian Department store, Holt Renfrew in 2015 and since then she has also done a number of photoshoots for various brands. She shares her design philosophies, strategies and life hacks on her social media accounts, @studiodocreative and on TikTok as @designtigermom.