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PrimeWand Pearl

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“It’s easy to apply and so attractive. Bright enough to light me up, sheer enough to be in my control”

- Ashley, 63, Prime customer.

Beam with a soft, mellow, compelling glow. Perfect for women over 50.

Dazzle and glamor, on demand.

One stick brings brilliance, erases tiredness, and makes you look like a million bucks!

Infused with pearl extract, PrimeWand Pearl is more than a highlighter -- it’s your superpower.

Dab this buildable shine on your eyelids, under the brows, on the apples of your cheeks, on your cupid’s bow, neck, decolletage, collarbones…

100% no-risk money back guarantee

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Readymade Radiance For Grown Up Gals

Enhance Your Eyes
Chic Cheeks
Off Shoulder, On Track
Dewy Decolletage
Glow Like a Goddess

Society can’t “see” women over 50.

PrimeWand Pearl is designed to put you in the spotlight - subtly, naturally.

Add instant grown up luster to any part of your face or body. Grab eyeballs at will.

It’s (almost) a superpower.

Beyond Childish Highlighters….

PrimeWand Pearl isn’t a generic highlighter.

Not messy, no powders or frosts. Won’t settle into lines & pores.

The same winning formula as PrimeWand Pigment. Avocado oil, olive oil & pearl extract for a hydrating, moist sheen.

Cosmetics That Heal

Handpicked Premium Ingredients
Pearl Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
Avocado Oil
Bioactive Nutrients

Dull to Dazzling. In 1 Minute.

Even if you do everything right, your delicate skin may still be lackluster.

PrimeWand Pearl doesn’t overwhelm. It works with every gorgeous complexion.

Perks up your eyes, brings out your bone structure, and invites healthy luminescence to the mix.

Elevate the plainest of looks.

Your pro-age accessory!

Your Beauty is Our Duty

(if You're Not Satisfied, We'll Refund You.)

You deserve to try PrimeWand Pearl with no strings attached.

And we have full confidence in the technology we’ve used to create the formula.

Prime Prometics puts you in the limelight. Our mission is to help you enhance your natural beauty, at any age.

So if you’re not satisfied with PrimeWand Pearl, just let us know at We will refund you your money, no questions asked.

Even if it’s empty. :)

Frequently asked questions

There is zero fuss to the process. Take your sleek stick, open it up, dab or stipple on your skin. Based on the occasion or how you’re feeling, you can opt for a single layer which gives you a subtle, wet gleam. Smooth and unbroken.

Or multiple applications that bathe you in molten moon dew.

Pearls are mother nature’s best kept secret. They rebuild collagen, act as a plumping agent, bring a “lit from within” vibe to parched skin, and heal signs of aging.

Everything we value in Prime best-sellers.

Your PrimeWand Pearl contains a precise dose of ethically (and humanely) sourced pearl extract. In a base of organic avocado oils, olive oils, and honey.

Highlighters use glitter particles to mimic an artificial shine. Even cream based products aren’t immune to this plastic finish.

PrimeWand Pigment is the polar opposite of cringe-y highlighters.

It gives a smooth, moist, understated glow -- thanks to an infusion of pearl extracts and skin adoring natural moisturizers.

No pores… no skin texture. Just a wet, dewy glimmer. Perfect for silver queens.

Based on how much you love your PrimeWand Pearl (get ready to fall hard!)... a stick can last anywhere from two to three months.

Absolutely. PrimeWand Pigment and PrimeWand Pearl are both “complete” products. They do not need each other to help you look your very best.

But they perform different functions.

PrimeWand Pigment is the cornerstone of your make-up. It’s the lipstick, bronzer, blush combo you can’t do without.

PrimeWand Pearl is beyond basic. It elevates your morning grocery run to a sizzling date night vision at a moment’s notice.

A queen needs that kind of power!!

A queen needs that kind

of power!!

What are people saying about PrimeWand Pearl?

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